Make no mistake, this is real Rocky Mountain Elk, raised just east of the continental divide in the picturesque state of Montana, our ranch is perfectly suited to raise Elk to provide the finest meat available today.

Our Elk are organically raised here in Montana, their natural habitat, with room to roam, their time is spent foraging and living as Elk in the wild do. We use no chemicals or steroids and provide the animals with alfalfa and grains to supplement their natural diets. We hand select each animal to provide you with the most tender, flavorful cuts of Elk meat. Every step from pasture to shipping is carefully kept to insure our product is the best. All of our products are inspected and approved by the USDA and tested continuously with cutting edge methods that go far above and beyond regulations.

Simply put, you will not find a better Elk meat
producer in North America.
Linda and Lew Reeves (pictured above) started the Montana Elk Company instead of retiring. Together they are living their dream just outside Townsend, Montana.

They are convinced Elk meat is a better tasting and healthier alternative to beef. They invite you to find out for yourself. Many already have.